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George Turrell

George Turrell, the beloved “King of Leaside” and namesake of the George Turrell Lifetime Contribution Award passes away – April 21, 2021

For more than 50 years George Turrell’s voice was a commanding presence to thousands of hockey players, skaters and their parents who learned from the first time they walked through the doors of The Leaside Gardens who really ran the place.

Today we are saddened to learn that this voice is now silent as the beloved George Turrell has passed away. “He first started hollering at me around 1966 and never really let up on me through all the years. It was all in good fun and I was always grateful for his friendship, support and respect”, said Ray White Chair of the Leaside Sports Hall of Fame. First volunteering as a young man in 1962 George was a fixture at the Leaside Gardens right up until the past year when the pandemic caused the arena to close. He made sure everyone knew where they were going, what dressing room to use, where to get the goalie equipment and most of all when it was game time and ready to go.

George was an important part of the community for many, many years and he is affectionately known as the “King of Leaside” to generations of Leaside families who have gathered at the Gardens to enjoy our collective passions of hockey and skating.

Kathleen MacKenzie past chair of the Leaside Sports Hall of Fame said “George was a fount of knowledge and I was pleased that the Leaside Sports Hall of Fame established The George Turrell Lifetime Contribution Award to recognize individuals like George who have demonstrated a high degree of devotion and commitment to local sports organizations over decades of service in the community”.

2020 Induction Ceremony Update

Thank you to everyone who nominated some very worthy candidates for induction into the Leaside Sports Hall of Fame for 2020. Selection of inductees has taken place, however because of the current COVID 19 situation and the limitation of numbers allowed at gatherings, we have made the decision to postpone our traditional Mid-November Induction Ceremony and Community Reception until we can properly recognize and celebrate the talents of the inductees.

We will announce plans for the induction of the 2020 inductees at a later date.

The following will be inducted into the Leaside Sports Hall of Fame for 2020

Pete Dudley
Community Sports Builder

Cal Gardner
Athlete Hockey

Bill Kennedy
Athlete Hockey / Baseball

Metropolitan Motors 1953-1956
Historical Teams

James (Jim) Garvie (January 24, 1929 – June 6, 2020)
George Turrell Award – Lifetime Contribution

Since the 100th anniversary of the Leaside community in 2013, the Leaside Sports Hall of Fame has annually recognized and celebrated the talent of local athletes and the invaluable contribution of volunteers in sports.